Sonorous thumping beats in the background, a man is caught up in a traffic jam, besieged by people with eerily stagnant and indifferent countenances. Then along with hearing some panting sounds, the audience sees fumes pluming from the car’s dashboard. The thumping beats transit into the sound of the man pounding on his car window, trying to escape. After struggling out of the car, he stands on top of the car, arms wide open resembling a kite. The next moment, riding the gusting wind, he floats into the air. From his bird’s-eye view through the clouds, a vast ocean lies…

Throughout his literary career, Byron has given life to plenty of heroines in his tale, some bearing a striking resemblance to the others while some differing drastically. In the wake of the liberal and revolutionary atmosphere among the Romantic period, fictional female characterizations oftentimes allude to the contemporary debate on women’s role in society. Two vividly contrasting females, Medora and Gulnare, are introduced in The Corsair, one conforming to the conventional gender norm, and the other transgressing gender boundaries. As the two disparate women are woven into the roaming life of the Corsair, they reveal Conrad’s otherwise hidden emotion and…

June Hou

Electrical engineering student interested in mathematics, literature and film.

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